When is too early?

With everywhere you look Christmas seems to be getting closer and closer to Halloween if not before it. But really is this a bad thing? I use to think so. Working as a visual designer it was often my job to set the store for the holidays right after Halloween! “Gosh can we get a minute?!” Now that life is so hectic with my two boys and ALL their extra activities this is my first year to put up my tree before Thanksgiving. GASP!

As I began to think about it, I came to realize why not make the most wonderful time of the year last as long as possible? We are always rushing from one thing to the next that this way it also works out better. I can take my time to decorate. I’m not saying I started to decorate everything all in one shot but i did start with a new tree. Last year we moved into our forever home and I had always wanted a real tree so we got one. Well guess what my guys were all allergic to it. So back to the artificial tree we go and this year I found the cutest flocked tree at Wal-mart for $25.

So now when I have a pocket of time I can move on to the next area that needs to be decorated. Also I won’t be putting it up and taking it right back down again. So can it ever be too early? As long as Halloween has happened in my opinion. When do you start decorating for the holidays?

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