DIY Rustic Sconces

I don’t know about you but I love to decorate! Like all the time I can re imagine a space in my head and think how I would decorate it. Am I the only one who does that? Decorating and changing the theme of a room can get costly but I have always tried to see how I can do it on a very tight budget. Today I am going to share with you how I took and old pair of metal candle sconces and made them work in my new rustic farmhouse style master bedroom.

This pair of sconces hung in my living room gallery wall in our old house where I had it mixed in with big family picture collages and other individual shots.  In our new house we don’t really have a space to make a big gallery wall some many of those items are still packed away. Like I mentioned before we moved the bedrooms around so now I am getting around to decorating our master bedroom. As seen on my instagram I have gone with a metal bed frame and a white duvet for the bed with a farmhouse decorating style.

So now that the big pieces were in place it was time to start accessorizing which is my favorite part. Accessorizing is the finishing touches to a room or even an outfit, it’s what gives it it’s personality. Yes we might look at Pinterest to get some ideas and try to recreate a look that we see but nothing is going to be exactly the same.The accessories come in and they might be similar in shape or color but they’re all going to be unique to your space and that’s what makes it your own.

This is one of the pair of sconces I have. Pretty in its own way but to make it feel like something new for my space I came up with this little diy project. I can’t remember where I bought these but I’m sure you could find things like this either at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target or even Walmart just a simple pair of black metal wall candle sconces. I have a pallet that we took apart and cut them down into smaller pieces. The pieces I used are measuring about 14 and a half inches long.

As you can see in the picture of these particular pieces of wood are not as completely weathered or rustic-looking if you will as I would have liked. So I did some destressing with some paints and glazes. I used white and grey paint and an antiquing glaze all with a dry brush application.

After it dried which only took a few minutes I then attached the sconce to the wood. I also attached a picture hanger to the back of the wood so it could be hung on the wall.

Here is the finished piece and I am just so happy with it. I think it turned out great with very little effort and no money at all. A Sunday afternoon project completed with things I already had around the house. I love frugal  decorating!

Please feel free to share your decorating on a budget tips. Have a wonderful week friends.

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