Day in the life of a hockey mom 

As a mom of two boys I can be found at the local ice rink at least four days a week. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else. It really helps to be organized and to plan ahead. We travel all over the state plus surrounding states for games and tournaments. I have to be honest though I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

I am amazed at what my 7 and 10 year old can do out on the ice. That goes for all the kids that play the game. If you think about it, they skate on a thin blade of steel wearing equipment that probably weighs as much as they do holding a stick to push around a small 3 inch round of rubber to try and score in about 5 inch opening. AMAZING! I love the game. 

Through the years my boys have played many different kinds of sports but the love for hockey has never changed. From track, t-ball, basketball, soccer and even mixed martial arts just to name a few. My husband and I firmly believe it is most beneficial for them to play a wide range of sports to use and strengthen a large amount of their muscles. Most of the time they gravitate towards soccer in the off season. Off season? What is that? Ice hockey runs almost year round so it’s a big commitment on everyone’s part. Season runs from September till March but between try outs, private lessons, and summer camps it’s all the time. 

With so much going on I can only take it one week at a time. So usually Sunday nights I sit down with my planner and my weekly calander and plan out the week. Since I have two boys I have always color coded them ever since they were little. So on the weekly calander I write practice and game times in their coordinating colors. For example my older son is blue and my younger one is green. From there I can figure out dinner for the week. Which nights I can spend more time cooking and which nights it needs to be crockpot night. 

Now the weekends are another story. Since we are mostly traveling I try to pack snacks and drinks for the car. If I have enough time in the morning I can also put something in the crockpot as well so we have a hot meal as soon as we get home. 

Are you a hockey mom or dad as well? What are some of your tricks for keeping up with this fast pace game? I would love to hear from you. 

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