Spring into a new you

Happy Spring! It is just around the corner with it’s promises of new life. With the new life it brings I am taking this opportunity to start living my life as I want to.  I want to pursue the passions and talents God has placed on my heart. You are given one life and I am ready to stop waiting for some day to make it happen. Recently I have found that the community I am building around be is a great motivation of accountability. I am a great starter but not a good finisher. Can you relate? “Oh I can do that, make that”, or just saying yes to too many things. I need to stick to it! I will try to share some ways to stay on track and see something through to the end.

The way I plan to do this is by being more selective with my time and what I say yes to. Saying yes to only what will hold my attention and understanding the time it will take ahead of time to complete that task. Set short term goals that don’t feel overwhelming. The pay off will be greater to set smaller goals. I don’t know about you but I love check lists and checking things off. So instead of writing clean basement you can write clean laundry area. It will take less time and give you a boost to move on to the next area.


Stop jumping from one thing to the next! I know it’s easier said then done. Hubby hates when I have “projects” started all over the house. Honestly so do I but I can see the potential and that helps. Like I said before this goes back to starting something if time allows. As a mom it’s hard to take time to do what makes you happy but now is when you need to set limits and time for you. I know you have heard it before but you can’t fill others up if you are empty too.


My last tip is to have accountability. That can come from your spouse or a close friend. Find someone who is supportive and let them know what you need from them. Another way could be as simple as making that check list. I find the best time to make it is right before bed, write down a few important tasks you would like to accomplish the following day. This helps in a few ways, first it helps to clear your head before bed and come morning time you know where you need to get started. No wasting time thinking about what needs to get done. Lastly social media is a great way to just put it out there to help hold yourself accountable for what you would like to accomplish. Hope these few tips help the next time you catch yourself jumping from one thing to the next before finishing the first thing.

2 thoughts on “Spring into a new you”

  1. Jamie I love your 3 tier serving tray! Just beautiful the way you have it decorated! You are such an inspiration to me. I just ordered one for myself. Now I don’t know if that is good or bad! Lol


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