New decor, small budget

If your like me there isn’t much room in the budget for all new holiday decor every time they come out with new things. I try to be very aware of what I am buying and spending which helps me to think outside of the design box if you will. Today is part two where I will be sharing some ways I stretch either my budget or what I already have on hand.

Take this styled hutch for example. The only thing new I bought was the aqua ribbon and the small pumpkin on the top of the tier tray at the dollar store. The pumpkin was orange and I just painted with acrylic paint I had on hand. I only bought one spool of ribbon which gave me enough to use it in two places in my decor for this room.  Giving a cohesive look.

Starting from left to right I will give a quick resource for how I shop thrift stores, craft stores and even my own home. The lantern, milk white vase,beads for my garland, and small raffia ball are all thrifed pieces.

Tiered tray was a clearance find from a big box store. I love to add seasonal decor to change things up every couple of months. The yellow colander I’ve had for years. Faux apples from a discount store bought after season along with the white pumpkin spray. After season is a great time to pick up a few items you might have eyed before but now they are at a bigger discount. A word of caution don’t get sucked in by the deep discount that you over buy items you won’t use.

Easy fill-ins can be found around your home. The paper straws I purchased from the dollar store back in spring. Since they are my favorite color they have worked from season to season with the rest of my decor. Things like the hydrangea flower is from my own yard. Other pieces of faux greenery help fill in gaps in your vinette. Also the glass bottle is a great piece that can be used in so many ways. So try to keep an eye out for nuetral pieces that can work in many different styling.
Thanks for stopping by,

Jamie at the Turquoise Bungalow

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