Why a blue fall

Why would I ever think blue pumpkins would look so good? Have you thought this too? Well believe it or not there is a reason why this works. On the color wheel oranges are opposite of blues and greens. Which makes them complementary colors. They complement each other with great contrast. Contrast helps to create a visual interest to help and stop the eye from skimming over an item.


If you take the pumpkin out of this photo it is pretty monochromatic of softer tones. The orange of the pumpkin stops your eye and gives it a focal point. It is possible to over power a vignette with contrasting colors though. By using it sparingly it adds a pop of color but also blends in with the decor already established in the room.

color wheel



Taking the idea of using the color wheel to add other hues to your existing palette helps to use what is called the analogous scheme. Which consists of 2-4 colors that are all next to each other on the color wheel.


The orange tones in the wooded beads, yellow of the colander, green of the apples,  and the blue green of the ribbon are all next to each other on the color wheel shown above. This is pleasing to the eye because it creates a serene effect. You can find this color scheme often in nature and it feels harmonious.



I feel this really helps to stretch your decor budget to use things you already have on hand. If I were to take all the pumpkins away from my tablescape  it still would be cohesive. Everything flows together. The fall decor shown only costs about $5.00! I will use them again for years to come, possibly repainted. Think outside of the box to create a simple design. Don’t be nervous about it either, the more you do it the easier it will be come.

I hope I was able to help you through this process and shed a little light on the new trend for fall. If nothing else have fun with it!

Thanks, Jamie



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