Let’s Connect!

I wanna connect with YOU!

I love to connect with new and old friends, so if your social let’s connect! You can find me on many of your favorite social media sites.  Of course you can always leave me a comment or question here on the blog if that’s convient for you. But if you want the up to the minute goofiness I share on the wacky web then let me share those with you here.

Here are my top 3 favorite social media sites.


What better place to start but with the big kahuna!


What can you excpect to see over on “The Facebook” ? Well, there I love to do facebook lives to share decorating tips or even share a close step by step view of a recent DIY project. Facebook is also helpful for sharing great deals I may come across to help you add a new decor piece to your home. You know me I LOVE A BARGAIN!


Next up is my jam! Instagram that is.


Instagram is a place of pure inspiration. A place where I love to inspire and be inspired. What ever you are passionate about you can find like minded people here on IG. Instagram is not just “pretty” pictures it is also a great dose of real life. I like to share the pretty over on my feed. I also love to share all kinds of life, back stories and even how I achieved a certain look over on my IG stories. They are located up in the bubbles on top of your instagram home page.


Pinterest is what I like to call my playground.


Pinterest is a wealth of information. I like to think of Pinterest as my google with pictures. It is my go to on what to cook for dinner, different ways to style my hair or do my makeup and of course new ways to style my home. So I pin and share a ton of amazing things over on Pinterest.

I hope you come and join me over any or all of these places. I am all about spreading love and positivity through inspiration and creativity. I’m curious though where to you like to hang around on the web in your spare time?P.S. If I maybe of any help on how these sites work (no computer wiz here 🙃) but I think I might have the basics down send me a message and I will try to help you navigate through them.

Hope you have a blessed day,

❤️ Jamie @ The Turquoise Bungalow

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