Valentine table scape with your man in mind

Valentine’s day can be a lot of pinks, purples and well glitter! I don’t know about you but my boys aren’t so into that. But I sure do love them! So I am here to show you how I merged some classic valentine decor with a masculine touch.

Of course I used some reds because I think red is pretty gender nuetral. I also love to reuse items from one season/ holiday to the next. My red ruby glass dishes and glassware were used as my base. To give a little splash of pizzazz I used some gold chargers. You can find these at the dollar store or I have even found them at the local thrift stores.

Adding in natural pieces also lends itself to a more manly look. I found this table runner on clearance at Target and the wood slice at Ross. Two vesrsitile pieces I can use year round. I accented the table with this leaf garland. When I went looking for it at Hobby Lobby the greenery was not on sale that week so I had to get creative to figure out another option. No time to try another store so I searched the store and found in the bridal section this greenery on sale 50% off! Again another item that can be used anytime.

To really give it the masculine look I added faux leather. Cut a few strips as my napkin “rings”, a few cut out hearts as confetti throughout the table and the rest I simply draped inside a square glass vase. Simple geometric shapes is a better way to go for this look. The last element is the “happy valentine’s day ” wood cut out which I found last year in the Target dollar spot. One of my favorite places to shop!

I hope this gave you a little inspiration on how to make your little men or your big man feel thought of on Valentine’s day. I don’t think you need a special day to tell someone that you love them but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Hope you enjoyed this and it inspired you to show those boys some love. Have a happy love day! Love on all those who are in your life.

Love, Jamie @turquoisebungalow

No Spending One Room Challenge

Having a nicely decorated home doesn’t have to cost a lot. Actually it doesn’t have to cost a thing! Just by taking the things you already have on hand and tweaking things a bit you can create a whole new space. If you have been following me on any of my social platforms you may notice I have a very small decorating budget. Many times there is zero money to purchase any new decor pieces so I am sharing my tips and tricks on how to transform any space for no money! Some might say I hold on to too much stuff but I usually find a way to reuse an item….so basically I can shop for a new look right in my own home for free!

I am very excited to announce that I have decided to help 3 clients makeover a room in their home for free! Yes for FREE! I have decided to challenge myself and my readers to a room challenge where I make over a room with a zero budget. You may think this is impossible but I encourage you to follow along as I show you on three different homes how I transformed their space.

First up we have a living room that use to be two separate spaces. There was a wall that divided the two rooms, formal living and a family room. They didn’t need to spaces to basically serve the same purpose. Essentially one was not being used at all. The new space became a living dining room combo which is a great use of the space. So as you can imagine this left multiple pieces of furniture that now needed to work in one space cohesively.

The first two pictures are how the room looked before we got started. All great pieces in amazing condition, which I was very happy to work with. So I had a great starting point, just did some moving around.


In this photo you can see where the two rooms became one. The back family room is now the dining area off the kitchen with an amazing fireplace. The dining area is now open to the living area creating an open floor plan.


From a design stand point the cream-colored sofa worked more as the focal point. So that is what I designed the room around. Like I said they have some great furniture and accessories to work with. I moved the cream sofa to the main wall you see when you walk in the home under the art work. Flanked on both sides with two side tables and matching lamps. Family pictures were added which really make a house feel like a home. Shopped her home for some fun accessories to create the grouping on the coffee table.


Speaking of groupings, I thought it would be a good time to give you some of my go to items to create little vignettes. Think layers! Baskets, table runners, trays or even a bowl. These are items that will start as your base, use what you have! A good rule of thumb is to think in three’s. Coffee tables are good for things like a stack of books, candles, and some flowers or greenery. Also it’s good to have varying heights to create movement with the eye.


If you notice in the before picture the recliner was off in no mans land between the two rooms. I created a little sitting area in front of this beautiful bright window. Very simply just added a small side table with a lamp and a cozy throw to complete the look. You can also add a basket under the table to hold some reading material for this great reading nook.


On the other side of the room I took the dark reclining love seat and used it as a room divider to create a bit of separation between the two spaces. This opening was large enough to create a pass through into the dining area. This helped anchor the room but also helps keep the space open and airy. Well I hope you enjoyed this little tour of a space decorated with no money.

If you have any design challenges I would love to hear them! Please leave comments below. I hope I encouraged you to think outside of the box and shop your home.

Love, Jamie @ The Turquoise Bungalow

Saturday Farmhouse Savings

Happy Saturday! I hope you will find some time this weekend to relax and maybe even do some online shopping. I am excited to start a new series all about different ways to save in all areas of decor. Starting this week with Saturday Savings with great Farmhouse steals from World Market. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out a World Market near you head on over to their website. You can find some great finds for your home. Whether your style is Farmhouse, French country, Modern or even Boho you will surely find something you will love. 

I currently do not have a World Market near me, but I got to visit it one in the Boston area last year while we were away for a hockey tournament. (Gotta love travel youth sports!) Since I can’ t shop in store I love to check them out online! This weekend is a great time to check them out for their Friends and Family sale. If you haven’t shopped with them before, the sale they have going on is a great way to give them a try without breaking the bank. Right now until Monday you can receive 30% off and free shipping on most items.  You can shop online or in store.  Don’t forget to use code FAMFRIENDS for 30% off 

So I wanted to start with a room that to me is the heart of the home. Where we gather as a family to share a meal….The Dining Area. Here I included some main pieces to give the Farmhouse feel. I am a fan of some color in a space, I feel it gives warmth and personality. I would add some pops of color that would compliment the grey cool tones in the design. Blues and shades of turquoise (of course) would work well. To play off the black metal in the light fixture you could also add black accents.

Dining Area design By: Turquoise Bungalow    From: World Market

Shopping this sale for these items can save you over $800! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! If you would like to see other styles of decor I would love to hear from you. Have an awesome weekend friends!

Love, Jamie

Affliate link below…If you click on each picture it will show you the name of the item so you can search for it on World Market .com….

Inexpensive fabric pumpkins 

Hey there, I just wanted to share my quick tutorial on how to make these easy and cute fabric pumpkins. I only purchased the fabric quarters and some embroidery string from Walmart. Which cost me no more than  $5 to make 6 pumpkins in varying sizes. All other supplies I had on hand.

Supplies you will need:

Fabric quarter

Embroidery string

Poly fill stuffing


Stick from your yard

Hot glue



Something round to trace for a cut out

Sewing needle


Why a blue fall

Why would I ever think blue pumpkins would look so good? Have you thought this too? Well believe it or not there is a reason why this works. On the color wheel oranges are opposite of blues and greens. Which makes them complementary colors. They complement each other with great contrast. Contrast helps to create a visual interest to help and stop the eye from skimming over an item.


If you take the pumpkin out of this photo it is pretty monochromatic of softer tones. The orange of the pumpkin stops your eye and gives it a focal point. It is possible to over power a vignette with contrasting colors though. By using it sparingly it adds a pop of color but also blends in with the decor already established in the room.

color wheel



Taking the idea of using the color wheel to add other hues to your existing palette helps to use what is called the analogous scheme. Which consists of 2-4 colors that are all next to each other on the color wheel.


The orange tones in the wooded beads, yellow of the colander, green of the apples,  and the blue green of the ribbon are all next to each other on the color wheel shown above. This is pleasing to the eye because it creates a serene effect. You can find this color scheme often in nature and it feels harmonious.



I feel this really helps to stretch your decor budget to use things you already have on hand. If I were to take all the pumpkins away from my tablescape  it still would be cohesive. Everything flows together. The fall decor shown only costs about $5.00! I will use them again for years to come, possibly repainted. Think outside of the box to create a simple design. Don’t be nervous about it either, the more you do it the easier it will be come.

I hope I was able to help you through this process and shed a little light on the new trend for fall. If nothing else have fun with it!

Thanks, Jamie



Bluetiful Fall Decor


If you have visited your local craft or home decor stores recently you might have noticed a new color being featured in the fall decor world. Did you see it? It’s so many beautiful colors of blues and blue greens. If you follow me on Instagram you might get an idea why this excites me. Any shades of blue, turquoise, teal and aqua are my favorite! No worries though if your partial to orange they work so well together. If you are into a more neutral style it works really well with the neutrals of creams and wood tones.


I’m all about staying on trend but on a budget. Through a mini four part series I will be sharing simple tips and tricks to help incorporate this new trend with the items you may already have in your Halloween decor stash. Tomorrow I will be showing you how you can achieve these looks on a budget. Thursday I will show you whose styles this can work with and how it works. Finishing up the week on Friday with showing you how to do a lot of these looks.


If you haven’t seen it yet in your stores it’s a mix of creams, browns, and light turquoise with a patina feel. Some even have the traditional orange in it as well. Surprisingly it all works really well together. A lot of times holiday decor doesn’t necessarily match or blend with our everyday decor and style. Many times we see the traditional Halloween oranges, Christmas reds and greens, Easter pinks and purples but they clash with what we already have in our home. I love to try and come up with ways to make the hues work in my decor. Through this series I will be sharing ways to do this and you can take them to carry over into other holidays.


So I hope you join me each day to talk about one of my favorite times of the year….FALL! Don’t forget to follow along for our fun new hashtag over on Instagram @turquoisebungalow #bluetifulfalldecor each Thursday.


Thanks for stopping by,


Jamie at the Turquoise Bungalowfalledit7